Are the drinks gluten-free?

Some of the breweries of the brands at Dive Bar process gluten so it is best to check out individual product listings to read full ingredient lists before placing an order. 

Are the drinks vegetarian? Are the drinks vegan?

All drinks at Dive Bar are vegetarian and all drinks except the Kahol spirits range are vegan. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding ingredients and allergens!

Can I get drunk from the drinks?

Our drinks contain trace amounts of alcohol due to the natural fermentation process, but you cannot become intoxicated from them. The trace amounts of alcohol are processed by your body faster than you can drink. Everyday foods such as yoghurt and ripe bananas contain a similar amount of alcohol to the drinks at Dive Bar.

Why are the drinks expensive?

The brands at Dive Bar are startups, each having invested significantly in terms of both finance and time (up to a decade in some cases). This commitment reflects in the quality and uniqueness of our drinks. Though we are currently a small, independent project, Dive Bar and the brands they host are working closely to meet our goals of expanding our reach to make our creations more accessible. As we grow, we anticipate reducing prices, thanks to economies of scale and increased efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to get our drinks into as many hands as possible. So, while our current prices reflect our investment and the painstaking research behind each product, do not expect these prices to always remain as they are. We're excited for the journey ahead and look forward to sharing our labors of love with a wider audience.

I have another question... 

Please get in touch via our contact page - we are ready to help!