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ninth act 0% london dry gin (500ml)

ninth act 0% london dry gin (500ml)

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brewed from full-strength gin

full-strength gin is put through a unique fermentation process to enzymatically convert alcohol into acetic acid, followed by an extended period of botanical infusion to express flavours & mouthfeel

a secret blend of botanicals developed over half a decade recreates the unique warming sensation of alcohol - delivering a true spirit drinking experience

inspired by classic juniper forward gins

tasting notes

distinctively crisp, clean flavour... piney juniper, cedar, lemon zest coriander, crystallised fruit and subtly floral


water, vinegar, agave syrup, cellulose gum, vegetable glycerine, lactic acid, stevia, sea salt, botanical extracts & flavourings

typical values per 100ml

energy 20kcal; fat <0.1g; carbohydrate 5g (of which sugars 0g); salt <0.1g

allergen information

bottled in a brewery that processes gluten

vegetarian | no preservatives | alcohol-free
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