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kahol spirits

kahol spirits set (4 x 50ml | mini bottles)

kahol spirits set (4 x 50ml | mini bottles)

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brewed from full-strength spirits

full-strength spirits are put through a unique fermentation process to enzymatically convert alcohol into acetic acid, followed by an extended period of barrel aging & botanical infusion to express flavours & mouthfeel

a secret blend of botanicals developed over half a decade recreates the unique warming sensation of alcohol - delivering a true spirit drinking experience

the possible has been tried and failed... now it's time to try the impossible


1x 50ml - malt abbey 0% whiskey

1x 50ml - admiralty 0% dark spiced rum

1x 50ml - casa barrica 0% añejo tequila

1x 50ml - ninth act 0% london dry gin

allergen information

bottled in a brewery that processes gluten

vegetarian | no preservatives | alcohol-free
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